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Black Butler/Episodenliste

Black Butler ist ein von Yana Toboso geschriebener und gezeichneter Manga. Titel, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder Hauptartikel: Black Butler/Episodenliste. Community-Experte. Anime. vor 2 Jahren. Link zur Antwort kopieren; Antwort melden. 3 Staffeln Hilfreich. Black Butler ist eine japanische Animeserie, die von dem jungen Earl Phantomhive handelt. 3 Beziehungen.

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Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1: Black Butler I · OAV · Staffel 2: Black . Cover Deutsch Japanisch Folge 1: Sein Butler ist talentiertFolge 2: Sein Butler ist der. Black Butler ist ein von Yana Toboso geschriebener und gezeichneter Manga. Titel, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder Hauptartikel: Black Butler/Episodenliste.

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BNHA reacts! ll Pt.14 ll Kuroshitsugi ll Black Butler! ll Ciel x Sebestain

wundert Maus Verpasst Brisgau und kann es nicht fassen. - Black Butler auf DVD

Filme Beste Filme Filmtipps Filme bewerten Top Trailer Listen Top Stars Serien Beste Serien Serientipps Listen Top Stars News Film News Serien News Streaming News Community Blogs Podcast Kino Neu Demnächst Tipps Lieblingskinos Zu Hause NuEst Tumblr Streamingvergleich DVD DVD Tipps DVD Vorschau TV Gewinnspiele. "Black Butler" 黒執事, "Kuro Shitsuji" September 17, Sebastian and Claude fight on the Island of Death. Season 3. No. in series No. in season Title Japanese air date English air date 37 1 "His Butler, Presenting" その執事、披露, "Sono Shitsuji, Hirō" July 11, Ciel is visited by Cedric Brandel. 38 2 "His Butler, Taking the Stage" その執事、壇上, "Sono Shitsuji, Danjō" . Black Butler. 16 September 16 Sep Season 3. Episode Ep. Book of Circus: His Butler, Presenting. 11 July 11 Jul Episode Ep. Book of Circus: His Butler, Taking the Stage. 18 July 18 Jul Episode Ep. Book of Circus: His Butler, Hired. 25 July 25 Jul Episode Ep. Book of Circus: His Butler, Colleague. 1 August 1 / His Butler, Strongest -- Earl Ciel Phantomhive is kidnapped for ransom by a drug dealer named Azzurro Vanel, who is also the leader of an Italian mafia, and Sebastian comes to rescue his young master. S1, Ep3 16 Oct. Natürlich gibt es hierbei auch ein Wiedersehen mit Ciel und Sebastian und weiteren Charakteren der 1. Diese Benachrichtigungen Wiesen Tv. Hauptseite Themenportale Entstehung Der Erdatmosphäre Artikel. Die Episode "Sein Butler, auf Reisen" ist die 7. Ein Waisenjunge sucht nach den Mördern seiner Eltern und nutzt dabei die Hilfe eines dämonischen Butlers. Sebastian liest Ciel jeden Wunsch von den Augen ab und scheut weder Kosten noch Mühen, um die Seele des Jungen eines Tages essen zu dürfen. Black Butler ist eine japanische Animeserie, die von dem jungen Ciel Phantomhive handelt. Dieser ist der Wachhund der Königin im viktorianischen England. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1: Black Butler I · OAV · Staffel 2: Black . Der Black Butler Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 37 Episoden von Black Butler in der Übersicht. Ciel Phantomhive is the most powerful boy in all of England, but he bears the scars of unspeakable suffering. Forced to watch as his beloved parents were brutally murdered, Ciel was subsequently. Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic, premiered in Japan on January 21, , and in North America on the selected dates of June 12 and 14, Reception. As of July , Black Butler has sold over 28 million copies worldwide. Individual volumes alone have done well in weekly polls in Japan, taking several high spots. Black Butler is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the same title by Yana ot-paysdelunel.comed by Toshiya Shinohara and produced by A-1 Pictures, Black Butler follows the adventures of Sebastian Michaelis, a demon butler who is obligated to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of the Phantomhive noble family, due to a contract he made. "Clawed Butler" -- Devilish butler Claude and his Young Master, Alois, must outfox a viscount, a priest, and an uncle with an eye on the family fortune. However; Sebastian and Ciel Phantomhive make their reappearance in only a Black Butler fashion. The episodes of the Japanese animated television series Black Butler(黒執事,Kuroshitsuji?) are based on the Black Butler manga series drawn and illustrated by Toboso Yana. The episodes are directed by Toshiya Shinohara and produced by A-1 Pictures.1 The plot of the episodes follows Sebastian. The first volume was released on February 27, and, as of March 27,twenty-eight volumes have been released. Akame ga Kill! As Hütte Englisch calls for Sebastian, informing him that he will climb to the top, Claude claims Sebastian is no longer a butler because he violated the order to not be seen by his young master.
Black Butler/Episodenliste His Butler, Escapes. As Ciel and Sebastian board a train, they see a crate being carried onto the train. After raiding the dead for their personal belongings for a while, Black Butler/Episodenliste searches for his brother only to find him dead, causing him to scream in anguish. Funimation Millie Brown the rights to the first two season and they were later acquired by Aniplex of America. In North America, the series has been licensed by Yen Press Cool Jesus North America and published in Yen Plus from August to July Not willing to break a "contract" with his master, he quickly fulfills the boy's order to save him and returns Ciel safely home, slightly late for dinner. Sebastian attacks Grell and 13th Street Live Stream Grell's chainsaw with his tailcoat. Meanwhile, Friesland.De performers learn that Sebastian, Ciel, and William have disappeared and decide to carry out Father's orders without Joker. After remembering how Ciel became an Alles Oder Nichts (Seifenoper) Besetzung but still decided to seek revenge for his parents' deaths, Sebastian's memories ends. November 4, It is reported that a series of kidnappings of young girls are occurring in London.

Book of Circus: His Butler, Serene. Book of Circus: His Butler, Fulfilling His Duty. Kuroshitsuji Zenhan Digest. His Butler, Performs. Ciel in Wonderland Part 1.

Welcome to the Phantomhive Family. The Making of Kuroshitsuji II. Ciel in Wonderland Part 2. The Tale of Will the Shinigami.

Spiders Intention. Book of Murder: Part 1. Book of Murder: Part 2. January 21, [39]. The prefects quickly cover up their shock and reveal Derek changed dorms per the principal's orders.

Ciel and Sebastian's investigation reveals other students changed dorms the same time as Derek and have all disappeared.

An upcoming cricket tournament presents Ciel a chance to meet with the principal as the most impressionable player gets to have tea with him.

Ciel's team wins the first match after Sebastian poisons the other team. For the second match, Ciel's strategy gives them the advantage.

When the principal appears in the crowd, Sebastian chases after him. August 27, [40]. July 22, [41]. Earl Ciel Phantomhive finally succeeds in earning an audience with the enigmatic headmaster of Weston College following the outcome of the annual cricket tourney.

As moon-pale petals bloom on the lapels of the students who have been granted a place at the Midnight Tea Party, the man who holds all authority at the school reveals himself to his guests.

January 18, [42]. October 28, [43]. Their elaborate schoolroom deception at an end, Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his peerless manservant, Sebastian, finally hit upon the truth behind the incident of the vanished students at Weston College.

Just what tragic steps did the elites of the school, spurred on by their overwhelming sense of justice, take to stamp out the bullying running rife in the halls of their institution?!

June 27, [44]. January 20, [45]. Gruesome and mysterious deaths are occurring on the continent. Along with the fear of contagion that permeates the air, there are also rumours of witches and wolfmen running amok.

In accordance with the wishes of Queen Victoria, young Earl Ciel Phantomhive embarks on a jaunt to Germany with his elite butler, Sebastian, in tow.

When Ciel's party heads right into the heart of a cursed forest where supernatural creatures are said to dwell, they run straight into a witch!

In fact, several of them! And the village head is none other than a little girl who appears as though she's stepped out of a fairy tale?!

December 27, [46]. July 21, [47]. In the hinterlands of Germany, the servants of the Phantomhive house are at a loss when their master, Earl Ciel Phantomhive, is both physically and mentally debilitated by the curse of the Wolfman that roams the Werewolves' Forest.

In the face of his master's pitiful new demeanour, consummate butler Sebastian, disillusioned, viciously takes Ciel to task, citing a breach of contract.

As the Phantomhive household's crisis unfolds, the sulphurous miasma of the Werewolves' Forest encroaches ever more upon the village ruled by the Emerald Witch May 27, [48].

November 17, [49]. His matchless butler Sebastian having discovered the artifice of the curse that reigns over Wolfsschlucht, Earl Ciel Phantomhive absconds with the village's precious Emerald Witch and her ultimate spell.

But his actions are most unwelcome, and the villagers bare their true fangs at house Phantomhive. As the precocious aristocrat of evil attempts to make his escape from the forest, a monster cloaked in olive drab trundles ever nearer, taking aim at the back of the fleeing earl November 18, [50].

May 24, [51]. Escaping the wolves in sheep's clothing of Wolfsschlucht, Earl Ciel Phantomhive, unstoppable butler Sebastian, and the rest of the Phantomhive household abscond with the Emerald Witch.

They take refuge in the hideaway of an old family friend-Diedrich, the late Vincent Phantomhive's schoolmate and confidant. But as preparations are made for the passage home to England, word of the Undertaker and his odd behaviour hangs over the proceedings.

What little memory could have tripped up the ever-jovial reaper, causing his chartreuse eyes to well with tears? May 27, [52].

November 22, [53]. December 27, [54]. October 31, [55]. May 27, [56]. January 30, [57]. December 27, [58]. August 21, [59]. July 27, [60].

January 22, [61]. Black Butler ist eine japanische Anime serie, die von dem jungen Ciel Phantomhive handelt.

Dieser ist der Wachhund der Königin im viktorianischen England und dient ihrer Majestät. Unterstützt wird er durch einen dämonischem Butler, der ihm treu ergeben ist, bis dieser ihm am Ende die Seele raubt.

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July 22, Archived from the original on January 29, Retrieved August 3, December 27, Retrieved July 2, June 12, September 24, S1, Ep7.

Sebastian is a little hesitant seeing as he's been more of a cat person S1, Ep8. Angela request that The Young Master bring him home to the Phantomhive estate and Sebastian is ordered to train him.

S1, Ep9. Sebastian avoids each attempt effortlessly and in the end is the one to take the picture of Young Master.

S1, Ep The outcome is unexpected. But who is the actual Puppeteer? The Puppeteer is terrorizing London with his collections of marionettes.

However, Ciel's voice gradually becomes that of Alois, revealing that Alois's soul has taken charge of Ciel's body.

Alois taunts Sebastian from the clock tower's edge, shouting that he will inevitably fall. Before the two can act, Hannah appears before the two butlers and smiles.

After explaining that Alois's soul has taken charge of Ciel's body, Hannah challenges Sebastian and Claude to competitively venture through a hedge maze , collecting trivial stamps along the way, in order to reach the clock tower.

Ciel realizes he has been taken over and sifts through the memories in his head to decide which ones are his.

The butlers realize that the answers to the questions are altered during their journey. Ciel begins to remember some events of last season, and Alois notes that Ciel is struggling to get back control of his body.

As Ciel remembers that his revenge is complete, the labyrinth begins to shift. Ciel begins to question why Sebastian did not eat his soul, so it appears as a question in the labyrinth.

Sebastian was unable to eat Ciel's soul because he lost the arm with the seal of the contract on it, which provided a window of opportunity for Claude to steal Ciel's soul.

Claude is asked why he killed Alois, and he answers that he killed him because he could ultimately be used as a tool to obtain Ciel.

In response, a disappointed Alois sends Claude down a chute back to the beginning of the garden. Claude reveals in his answer to a question that it was actually Hannah, and not Sebastian, who contracted with Luka.

Hannah confirms it and said she had grown tired of eating human souls, as they had become boring. She tells him that Luka was different, and that when she fulfilled his wish, he thanked her for killing the townspeople, something no one had ever done.

Hannah, very attached to Alois and Luka, asks Alois to make a new contract with her, to be reunited with Luka. Sebastian and Claude reunite at the place of the final question, and Ciel takes over his body, saying that until Sebastian eats his soul, that he is his butler.

However, Alois quickly snatches back Ciel's body, saying that he has found those who love him. As the butlers race to him, he makes a contract with Hannah.

Alois faints after he tells Claude that he wanted his love, and Hannah informs the butlers that she has contracted with Alois as well as Ciel.

Sebastian and Claude row a boat to a remote island, while Hannah holds Ciel's body. Sebastian and Claude are to duel as demons in a grudge match to see which one will have the right to claim Ciel's soul.

After having removed the demon sword from her body, Hannah places it on the ceiling in a cave, thus beginning the duel. Neither butler manages to make a fatal blow during the battle, after passing the sword back and forth it appears to be a stalemate.

Sebastian uses the sword to split the island in half creating a large fissure in the ground. In limbo, Ciel says Alois would never understand what motivates Sebastian to fight.

Claude loses his balance after landing on a rock that gives way under him, and Sebastian plunges the demon sword through Claude's body.

Sebastian comments that Claude failed to realize that Alois has been playing with him all along. Claude then replies that Alois was able to make his long life interesting, and consequently Alois's soul was more precious than he thought.

Alois concedes to Ciel and apologizes for what he has done before he fades away. Hannah sheds tears of joy and reveals that the contract Alois made with her was for Claude to acknowledge him.

Hannah falls into the ocean below with Ciel in her arms, urging Sebastian to dive in and reach Ciel, only to kill him just as he awakens.

Meanwhile, Hannah relocates herself back on the island lying down with Claude's body, reuniting them with Alois and Luka altogether again.

Some time later, Ciel awakens in bed with Sebastian preparing him "New Moon Drop" tea; however, it's shown that he's only going through the motions, as the teapot and cups are empty.

Ciel sends farewell gifts to everyone he knew, dismisses his servants leaving them in charge of the mansion, and leaves with Sebastian.

It is revealed that as a condition of Alois's wish being fulfilled, Alois asked that Hannah makes Ciel's soul unattainable by either Sebastain or Claude.

She did this by causing Ciel to be reborn as a demon. As a result, Sebastian can not consume Ciel's soul, yet is still bound by their contract.

Sebastian later carries Ciel through a field of black and white roses towards a cliff. Ciel says that he's forever blessed to have Sebastian as his butler, as Sebastian responds that he is forever bound to serve "a fellow fiend of Hell ".

Ciel remarks that the butler has but one answer to give. Sebastian affirms his service to his master while jumping with him from the cliff into the depths of the underworld.

On one particular day at the Phantomhive manor, while jadedly browsing through reports, Ciel catches sight of a white-rabbit-eared Sebastian.

Ciel follow him into a hole in the floor, landing him in an alternate dimension of floating doors. He sees Sebastian going through a door, but it becomes locked when Ciel tries to open it.

He then encounters a ratlike Elizabeth her maidservant Paula. Elizabeth eats a slice of cake that causes her to grow in size. However, she cries because of this, and her tears become balls of puddles.

She is overjoyed when she drinks an elixir that would cause her to shrink again. Out on a lake, the three are approached by Bardroy , Finnian , Mey-Rin , and Tanaka in a boat, saying nonsensical rhymes.

They all see Sebastian walking on the water, but they are soon washed away by Pluto. Ciel, being washed ashore, finds the turtle-shelled Viscount of Druitt, who has a dance with him, later in front of a large crowd.

Spinning out of control, the Viscount of Druitt sends Ciel into the sky. He lands in a palace, where he meet the duchess Prince Soma, the black pepper enthusiast Agni, and the catlike Grell.

After eating a curry bun given by Agni, Ciel expands so much that he destroys the palace. While walking through a forest, he spots a lizard-tailed Aberline, who offers him a piece of hard candy.

But it is unknown as to what the side effect will be for Ciel. Resembling that of a role-playing game , Elizabeth invites the main character, referred to as the lady, to join her at the ball held at the Phantomhive estate.

Ciel welcomes her into the manor, and Sebastian give her hospitality. Sebastian explains in the guest room the origins of the former earl and his wife and their association with society, but he takes leave when the servants cause trouble in the kitchen.

Sebastian gives the lady a tour of the estate. First in the recreation room, Lau and Ran-Mao are seen. Then in the library, Prince Soma and Agni are there.

The lady later has some tea with some of the others in the courtyard, but she accidentally drops the teacup onto her dress.

Sebastian carries her back inside the mansion, receiving a change of clothes. Before the ball starts, Aberline, after hearing about disappearances occurring during evening balls, requests to patrol the estate.

It is revealed that the lady is sent to kill Sebastian and capture Ciel. The lady then goes back to the guest room and see Elizabeth and Paula there.

However, the Viscount of Druitt sprays the room with sleeping gas , taking her into his yacht. Ciel orders Sebastian to retrieve the lady from the Viscount of Druitt.

When Grell also arrives, the Viscount escapes with the lady on the sail of the ship. Grell slices off the sail, plunging the Viscount of Druitt into the water, while Sebastian catches the lady into his arms.

When the lady regains consciousness, Spears comes to tell Grell of how he mistaken the lady for someone else, as they are searching for a soul to reap.

Upon returning to the mansion, the lady later attempts to capture a sleeping Ciel, using a pocket knife.

Sebastian, already knowing her ulterior motive, prevents her from using the knife by puncturing her wrist.

As Ciel wakes up, he kindly escorts her to the evening ball to celebrate her birthday. Sebastian has a dance with the lady, telling her that he will not kill her due to his duties as a butler.

After the evening ball, Ciel and Sebastian say their farewells to the lady, as she leaves with Elizabeth and Paula. It is shown that the lady later throws out the knife onto the road, displaying her change of heart.

Bardroy narrates the behind-the-scenes look at the legendary debut of "Black Butler", which has premiered all over the world. When Ciel and Sebastian are interviewed about being starred in the sequel, they said that they did not have any interest at first, but they eventually agreed to do it.

The supporting characters are excited to be part of the sequel as well. The antagonistic characters have a different view of having a role, however.

The use of the green screen effect is explained during the scene with Sebastian and Grell in the streets of London.

Angela Blanc and Ashe Landers serve as action directors and stunt doubles for the series. When Claude destroys the set after being disappointed with the script, Ciel is rescued by Sebastian, who fractures his right ankle in the process.

Elizabeth films the daily lives of the characters. There is also never-before-seen footage of the series shown, one with surprising twists and parodies.

Ciel, now shrunken, meets a caterpillar-bodied Lau and a mushroom-headed Ran-Mao. Lau quotes that the "right one" will make him bigger, while the left one will make him smaller.

However, he was referring to the effect of suckling Ran-Mao's breasts. While Lau comments on the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, Ran-Mao sprouts wings and carries Ciel up into the sky.

He is dropped into a forest, where he sees the catlike Grell once more. Grell guides Ciel to a crossroad, where he later parts the trees into a desert, saying that Sebastian lies in that direction.

He is reluctant to find the Undertaker with a hat, William T. Spears with hare ears, and Ronald Knox with mouse ears. After Ciel fails to answer the riddle of the similarity between a raven and a writing desk, he is told that real life has no clear answer, and that we tend to sweeten things up to give meaning, in which tea with sugar is used as an example.

The four servants arrive and invite Ciel to a castle, where he hopes that he will finally reunite with Sebastian. However, Madame Red gives judgment for the criminal acts he has seemingly done.

Many of his acquaintances accused him of all the pain he caused them in real life. He is filed with guilt when he loses his memories of those he wronged.

Black Butler/Episodenliste


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